ModernMerch earbuds are getting an upgrade: Let’s Review

We all want to get the best sound quality when we listen to music or even make calls, and that means that finding the perfect earbuds is a vital step. When looking for the perfect earbuds, different factors such as design, specifications, specialization, comfortability, price, and brand influence my choice. The upgraded features for ModernMerch earbuds had captured my interest so much, and at this point, I have to tell you that it was totally worth it. I’ll be reviewing the product based on the factors that influenced my choice.

ModernMerch earbuds

ModernMerch Earbuds Review


I wanted something that looks like the Airpods, and ModernMerch earbuds are a great fit; the shape is pretty interesting. Both the earbuds and the case look similar to Airpods, and they are available in both white and black. Also, the earbuds are lightweight; they weigh about 5.3oz.


The ModernMerch earbuds have some interesting features that would endear them to anyone. One notable thing about these earbuds, in addition to their fantastic sound quality, is that I have never had any barrier issue with them. Their transmission level is 170 feet, which means that I get to move around without interruptions.

With a battery capacity of 400 mAh for the charging box and 35 mAh for the earbuds, I noticed I could play my music for around four and a half straight hours, and they only take 1 to 2 hours to charge fully. The earbuds have a standby time of 120 hours. 

The earbuds are connected to your device using Bluetooth technology for more convenience, and the Bluetooth version is 5.0. They are compatible with both Android and Apple devices. 


It’s always best to choose earbuds that suit your needs, depending on the activities you are likely going to use your earbuds for. Modernmerch earbuds will make sense for you if you will be wearing them for morning runs and workouts. They are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the buds getting damaged from sweat or rain on rainy days.

There’s also the touch control features, which I enjoy. They allow you to play or pause music, receive, reject, end calls and skip music. Additionally, the buds have automatic Bluetooth connections, can be charged in two convenient ways, and they automatically charge in the charging box.


You already know that not all earbuds fit our ears, and some hurt after a while, while some hardly stay in place. ModernMerch earbuds are super comfortable in the ears. They are one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve used. Plus, they remain in place during exercise or other physically engaging activities.


I feel ModernMerch products are really affordable, and considering all that you are getting from their earbuds, $99.95 is, by far, fair enough.  


This factor is usually icing on the cake when I’m checking out products, but it’s still worth considering. It could help to give users insight into the brand’s mission and their line of products. 

ModernMerch is a fast-rising one-stop online store for smart gadgets like our dear earbuds, smartwatches, and external mobile chargers that define quality, luxe, and exclusivity. As it is evident in their product offerings, they understand the expectations of their target audience; hence their eyes are fixed on evolving fashion while offering inventories that suit their end-users’ fancy.

They also offer some genuine customer services since they are interested in keeping their customers happy and satisfied. They provide a seamless shopping experience and affordability that users will enjoy.

ModernMerch earbuds review

Additional Information

In addition to their great quality product, the shipping experience with ModernMerch was impressive for me. Typically, you should expect your order to arrive in 4-7 days after you place them, but my ModernMerch earbuds arrived in four days.

They also include a live contract & shipping protection on every order, which means that you are covered in the event of loss, theft, or broken items. You have the right to file for a damaged or lost item and get a replacement for such an item.

Note that in every Modernmerch earbuds package, you have 2 earbuds, 1 charging case, 1 charging cord, and a manual. Note also that every purchase is final, as ModernMerch does not entertain returns, refunds, and exchanges once an order is processed.