Life Strategy – A life planner app

We all are getting busier day by day. It’s only imaginable if we miss doing something very important and how bad it can affect our daily life. But we can use today’s awesome technology to help us to keep track of everything so that we don’t miss out a thing. Today I am writing about an app which helps you to do the same. The app is Life Strategy and it did help me to remind very important things I had to do and reminded me of my goals every day. Read the review for knowing more about the app.


The app, like the name, suggests is a planner helper that helps you to plan things, set goals and helps us reminding the things to be done every day. It’s like a very advanced calendar app for Android. This app helps to be realistic as well. We all know how we sometimes think of ourselves as the best in everything and set goals which are pretty much unachievable. But this app makes it sure that you know your limits and set goals and make plans which can be done. Read on more to know how it does all this.


The app has several sections so first I will go through the main sections to give you an overall idea. Upon opening the app for the very first time, it shows the section called “Who am I” and asks you to fill it out. Then there is the Goals section where you can enter your goals which you plan to achieve in the future. Tasks is another section which acts like a todo app where you can note down your daily tasks which you plan to accomplish in your daily life. Another section is the habits section and like the name suggests you can note down you habits which are noteworthy. The last section in the app is Lessons and here is where you’re supposed to note down what you have learned from your daily life encounters. Let it be people or situations, you can note down whatever lessons you have learned in here.

All the above sections have sub-sections too which can be accessed by simply swiping across your screen. Once you select the main section and the subsection you will be able to add an entry by tapping on the big plus button from the top right corner. The entry contents differ from each other according to the section and subsection you have chosen. For example the goals section needs you to fill in the details of the deadline while the task section needs you to fill in the details of the schedule.

What I think should be improved:

There is nothing much in this section of the review. I really like how the app is presented with its awesome UI. Anyway, it would have been helpful if the developer decides to show the new users a tutorial video or an intro video about the app upon the first opening of the app. Or better yet simple instructions which pop up upon clicking on a help icon under each section or subsections. Other than that I am pretty satisfied with the app’s features.

Final words, Overall impression:

Like I said this is an app that helps you to plan your life, set goals, and helps to achieve them efficiently. The user interface is pretty awesome and when it comes to entering the details it is not complicated at all. This is what I would like to see in all those planner apps. If the UI or the entire app is complicated I wouldn’t find it efficient for planning my life. The lives of people are already complicated and we’re choosing to use these kinds of apps to make it simpler. This app does this job perfectly. If you have been finding your daily life to be very busy then you should try this app and I am pretty sure you would love it.